Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Something to tell you....

We feel the same
And slowly learn about each other

Someday we may probably hear
“I do”
In front of our friends

We stay just at friends
But we know we’ll be together forever
“I do”

And I wanna know
Is it only me who can feel this way?
Or does your heart feel the same way I do
Dreaming always being together

We hold hands and walk along
Our feet in time with each other
I seem to feel like we can go together
And I need to know
Is it only me who can feel in this way
 Dreaming always being together

“I do I do”
These words say I’ll be with you forever
“I do”
Whenever I’m with you
Carefully in my heart
“I do I do”
Wanna spend my life with you
I dreamt and I do
Swear these precious words to you
I’m with you
And you’re beside me too

Our love has just begun
We still have no everything
But some reasons I sometimes dream
“I do”


amandaeriopapilio said...

wah, suddenly so LUM ah? keke

Anderson said...

well...if u lik it...haha...

A ....bEttErPlAcE said...

dear a..u r not the only person who can feel this way..Love u too har...