Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good Evening Bangkok! Ramadan Dinner

My friend came back from Indonesia last two weeks

He is a Muslim

So, I have to fast with him when we went out together

Firstly, we had a movie in Sunway Pyramid

But we couldn't find any nice restaurant to buka puasa

At last, we went One Utama

We went to 'Good Evening Bangkok'


The dishes there is nice

With cheap and reasonable price

I love it

1 Appetizer
3 dishes
1 Soup
1 Drink
Unlimited rice!!!!

For two person

1. Tom Yam Shrimp.

2.Green Curry Chicken

The third dish should be Kangkung with sambal, but it was served when we were eating, so, sorry, no picture for you guys to see =.=

The drinks
Lime Syrup (above)
Lime + Asam Boi (below)

All the drinks are served in taste of sour

And I like sour^^

The soup = Seafood Tom Yam 
There are shrimp, fish, sotong and else inside...

You wonder where is the appetizer??


It is in our stomach before I had the chance to take picture

We were too hungry after a day fasting

The whole set is only cost us RM 66.70 included tax


It is not so expensive

For us to dine in that kind of restaurant

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Philip Khor said...

unlimited rice? great!