Thursday, January 8, 2009

Exam!!! Exam!!! Exam!!!

Exam season...S**ks...The period i hate the most...I wonder why there must be exam in every place???Why not just look at our ability to work???

Wow...I know i did my exam very 'WELL' this time,'BETTER' than previous,the 'BEST' ever after...Haha...=.="

Look at my notes>>>

Interesting huh???Many words huh???Many things to memorize huh???But do you think i can memorize all of that???C'mon...Common sense...

Haiz...My mind is full of things at the moment,why i have to face exam for now???All are bullshit!!!!After graduate we also have to work,then what is the different between the degree and the toilet paper after you get a job???Can anyone tell me the difference???

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