Friday, July 10, 2009

To my dear readers

My dear readers


According to the title, I, Anderson will leave for two days ( 11th July - 12th July ).Hereby, I apologize
on any inconvenience made to all my dear readers.

2. I have to leave for 2 days because I'm going back to m hometown^^( although I don't miss it ).
I miss my bed a lot, I miss my sofa a lot, I miss the mamak stall a lot and I also miss the
basketball court a lot...

3. I'll bring the photo of my hometown and show to you all after I come back on Sunday. I'll show
you all the views of my hometown. For sure, the nice views only,haha....LoL

I'll come back soon, but before that, I hope that you guys will keep visiting my blog^^
And girls, don't miss me ya....( kidding,kidding,hehe~ )

Your beloved,

P/S: Haha,I duon;t know wat to write to tell you all I'm off for two days,so I wrote this formal letter,
please don't mind ya...


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